Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ubuntu woes

this is seriously pissing me off.

a wired or wireless mouse does not work well- clicks I didn't make, selections I didn't make, not clicking, clicking too much, selections not sticking and then the whole text disappears, like I erased it, freaking me the f out.. wanna paste, better do it on a new line and merge, or else anything to the left of where I want to paste is selected and pasted over.

this just doesn't make sense.

the wired keyboard acts much of the same way. skipping keystrokes, adding in keystrokes, delay in keystrokes appearing.

the thing that gets me the most is it is worse in a web setting, you know.. where I *always* am.. like BlackBoard where I write and submit homework.. writing blog posts (like this one.. grrr).. facebook.. google docs.. windows live..
      if I want to do any large amounts of copy and paste, I have to reach up on the desk and use the trackpad and keyboard on the laptop.

don't make me go work in windows.. cuz I will, dammit.

edit: it did get worse with the last kernel update a few days ago. gonna roll back and see if that makes a difference.
-nope. maybe it's firefox. installing Chrome.
-nope. not firefox. same thing in Chrome. my lawd, this is frustrating.

so Win7 downloaded and installed the drivers for the hub, keyboard and mouse.
omg.. I'm gonna scream soon.  anything web based is f'd, even in windows. even Word sucks- lag of input.

I just wanted to be more comfortable and productive..

this is a powered hub.. unplugged AC adapter and running from USB power. I don't care for that, as the hub is also a charging station for stuff and is constantly in use. I'll run with it for a little while and see how it goes. next test will involve moving to other USB ports on the hub, or trying a small, unpowered 2-port hub and leave the powered hub out of it.

having the hub AC unplugged made a difference in Win, and so far it is a lot better in Ubuntu as well.
-it's the AC power. ordering small hub and extension cable on amazon. no matter the configuration, pasting is still a bitch.
(life saver, delivered next day! -no selection issues, no pasting issues, everything working as it should! yeay!)

back with the wired mouse with the hub non-AC'd and nothing charging.. other than some minor selection issues, seems to be going well. Chrome is f'n fast! why wasn't I using this?

hhhrrrmmmm... seems the issue isn't that the hub is powered. AC plugged back in with only mouse and keyboard, nothing charging, works wonderfully. wheatevs.. mini hub and extension cable on the way.

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