Sunday, July 24, 2011

portable Ubuntu

just for giggles, I took a 4GB class 6 microSD card, freshly formatted, and using a SD adapter and USB stick reader, followed instructions on the Ubuntu download page to make my very own "live" USB drive. Ubuntu itself only needs 2GB, so the rest of the space is for files and settings.

as long as I can boot from USB, I have a fully functional Ubuntu system on any computer- hanging from my keychain. how cool is that..

edit: duh.. and I am now using this card to use Ubuntu on the HP to retrieve all my files and go through with the reformatting. taking a wicked long time to boot though. this thing is so old, I may have to try different USB ports to find the fastest one.. I remember this problem before.
-nope.. had to pull out the live CD I made last year. oh well, I know the live stick works for more current systems.
-aahh.. the problem was the USB adapter stick thingy.. one of them wouldn't read anything, while the other one does. stupid old HP..

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