Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nexus 4 arrived!

happy Joss.

I know I will root, but not sure if I'll go running back to CM anytime soon. JellyBean is soo much better/different than GingerBread. loving stock.

it is beautiful. the screen is downright gorgeous. camera kicks ass. so many features and settings to figure out- I still love my G2, but this upgrade was long past due.

I didn't have to do much set up.. log in here and there, sync, download, rearrange.. thank you Google for consistently making my life easier.

Monday, October 15, 2012

upgrade time

I've had the G2 for damn near two years. TWO YEARS with the same phone. that is amazing in my land. I need something new.. I crave something to play with..

being one who needs to set goals, and also being one who needs a kick in her ass at work..

I can't upgrade my phone until I'm in the top 5 for two weeks straight.

then I am calling TMo and having that shit overnighted!

right now, thinking htc One S- I am an htc fan, like seriously. and I can get over the non-removable battery and no additional storage. the screen size is perfect for me, upgrading to JB within weeks, and therefore Sense 4+, and it's a g.d. htc. mobile hardware and software gurus as far as I'm concerned. 

the Galaxy S3 is too big, and plasticky, and a Samsung. just not my thing.

the One X+ rumored to come to TMo is too big. otherwise, freakin perfect.

if only there were an htc vanilla Android 4.1.. a G2 update, perhaps.. I love my G2. I really really do. but it's time to move on.

edit 10/16/12: of course, now that I'm in "upgrade mode" I'm researching like crazy.. and there seems to be a difference in models of the One S-

Another way to identify it is to start the phone in HBOOT mode (Press and hold volume down, and then press and hold Power, releasing Power when the back/home soft keys flash).
The HBOOT screen should show VILLE or VILLEC2 at the top. VILLE is S4, VILLEC2 is S3.

so I'm gonna havta to go either Best Buy of the TMo kiosk, or the TMo store in NH, and actually test for the processor before I agree to take it home. that ruins my plan to get it cheaper over the phone with CS.

Friday, August 17, 2012

downgrade, root, CM G2

I'm not prepared to do this today, but it needs to be done soon- stock is pissing me off, I miss CM in a bad way. getting all my ducks in a row- will update as I actually get into it.

the replacement G2 came with Android 2.3.4 S-ON - therefore, I need to downgrade to Froyo before going through the root process:
this requires use of ADB and allows temp root access

to gain perm root access, S-OFF, install Clockwork- I will be using section 4.b when I get to that point:

from there, I should be able to use Clockwork to download and install CM. also, I saved my SD card from the hackedified G2 so I can reload Titanium back-up once I'm up and running again.

off-topic: interesting.. the One S can be rooted, S-OFF'd, CWM'd and the like without an sd card... cuz it doesn't have one.. love the dev community.

edit 8/26/12: took me 45 minutes max to downgrade and get the perm-root and whatnot. after that was all set, I shut down, took my SIM card out, booted up again and connected via WiFi:

- install ClockworkMod from the Market
- Flash ClockworkMod Recovery
- under ROM Management, choose Download ROM
- I choose CyanogenMod and we're going right back to 7.2.0

aaahh.. this is *so* much better.. missed CM. loading certain apps w/data from Titanium Backup now.. yeay Jewels and Angry Birds!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

restore rooted G2 to factory
removes root, restores S-ON and the factory shipped ROM. if you're like me and used a few CM ROMs over the past two years, you will need to get into the HEX editor.

make sure you have ADB working!!
I found "Method B" to be the quickest and easiest way to use ADB- just download from Step 2, move the entire extracted folder to C:\ and rename it ADB for easy access within the command prompt.

the link to the IMG file you need (in first link above) is no longer working- the correct file can be found at:
just rename to before you move it to your SD card.

takes a bit of work and time.. but I am now back to factory and can send this G2 back to TMo (my keyboard went wonky and they sent me a replacement). I think I'm upgrading to the HTC One S very soon.
      I am tempted by the Galaxy Note.. but.. I don't trust Samsung.. love me some HTC.

now to root and load CM onto the new one! maybe.. there really isn't a point if I'm just passing along to Rylie when I upgrade.

edit: nope.. need root and CM. stock pisses me off. and hot damn.. I never did a write-up on how to do root. project for another day...

Sunday, July 22, 2012

long overdue- upgrade to CM 7.2.0

- on SD card, move everything from Titanium BackUp folder to folder "OldTBU" - empty TBU folder

- Run Titanium BackUp for all apps and data separately

- export global Agenda settings

- from ROM Manager, download CM 7.2.0 with Google Apps- wth.. froze at 72% after over an hour of downloading.. forced stop, reboot, restart download... went *much* faster!

- using ROM Manager, back-up ROM, wipe data and cache, wipe Dalvik cache

- sit and wait

- 4 corner skip, add home wi-fi, Market, sign in, download Titanium BackUp, allow "Unknown Apps", restore 83 apps (duh- don't hit cancel on one app and expect it to keep going.. reboot and start TBU restore again)

- all apps restored, some uninstalled.. settings set back up, sync'd, wallpaper loaded, Agenda widget loaded..

we have CM 7.2.0 - lovin it

edit: it's a keeper! I love how when I lock the screen, it turns off like an old tv.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I used the HP power supply until the replacement came in.

new monitor arrived today.
been using a square 15inch LCD for the past few years.. this 19inch widescreen LED is amazing! and looks a lot better on my desk, too.

I am in frikin love with my new system. the best "under $700" I've spent in a looong time.

ViewSonic 19in LED Monitor

Barebones Kit

Win7Pro64bit for System Builders

wireless KB and Mouse


Friday, February 17, 2012

DOA = bummin

the PSU = DOA. tigerdirect is sending a replacement, which should arrive by Wednesday.

*sigh* so bummed right now..

edit: I took the PSU out of the HP while I wait for the replacement. downloading and installing all my stuff now. what a difference.. I love it!

the media bay I bought isn't compatible.. I can't figure out how to connect it- I'll look around online before I return it to amazon.

new computer.. new keyboard and mouse.. now I just need a new monitor... and clean up all the wires.

edit: *growl* I have Win7Pro32 and I bought the Win7Pro64 upgrade as download and disc-by-mail direct from Microsoft. I try to install by .exe and no matter what the folder permissions, an error occurs saying I don't have permission to write to the folder, and installation ceases. so I downloaded the .iso.. and I don't have any writable DVDs on hand. something is telling me I shouldn't have bought the upgrade version.. looking up if you can upgrade from 32 to 64.. if I can't use the Win7Pro64 upgrade version for whatever reason, I hope I can get my money back.

the big bummer about being stuck at 32-bit is I have 8GB RAM installed, and less than 4GB is accessible.

I'll go grab some DVD-Rs tomorrow, but according to the MS website, it should be fairly painless if I can't use it..
"To return downloadable software:
`Confirm your order was placed within the last thirty (30) days.
`Uninstall the software from your computer:
`In Windows 7 and in Vista: In Control Panel, go to Programs and Features, and then click Uninstall a program.
`In Windows XP: In Control Panel, go to Add/Remove Programs, and then click Uninstall a program.
`Call Microsoft Store at 1-877-MY-MSSTORE (1-877-696-7786) to request a return. You will be asked to confirm that you have uninstalled and have not made any copies of the software. We may also ask you to sign an electronic Letter of Destruction as a condition of your return. After you talk to a customer service agent, the product key will be blocked and you will not be able to install or use the software in the future. Microsoft Store will issue a credit to the same credit card you used to purchase and send you a receipt by email."

edit: you cannot upgrade from 32 to 64 bit. so I'm attempting to "return" the download and I ordered the full version of Win7Pro64 for system builders from amazon. Microsoft makes you wait on hold for an awful looong time... but the "return" is pretty painless.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

goodbye HP

my poor, tired and clogged with dust HP Pavilion a1245c is officially being retired and gutted for parts:
AMD Athlon 64 3700+
LightScribe DVD-RW (dead)
Media Bay (card readers dead, USB&Firewire dead)

the replacement.. I'm excited.. and it's a project, not just plug-n-play.. more satisfying that way, I think. plus an amazon purchase:
MB w/HDMI (possible USB3.0)
AMD Phenom II X6
Media Bay

everything is getting delivered this weekend.. a nice homework distraction, for sure.

I'll probably be in awe with how screaming fast it is compared to what I've been using. next purchase is a new monitor!