Monday, October 15, 2012

upgrade time

I've had the G2 for damn near two years. TWO YEARS with the same phone. that is amazing in my land. I need something new.. I crave something to play with..

being one who needs to set goals, and also being one who needs a kick in her ass at work..

I can't upgrade my phone until I'm in the top 5 for two weeks straight.

then I am calling TMo and having that shit overnighted!

right now, thinking htc One S- I am an htc fan, like seriously. and I can get over the non-removable battery and no additional storage. the screen size is perfect for me, upgrading to JB within weeks, and therefore Sense 4+, and it's a g.d. htc. mobile hardware and software gurus as far as I'm concerned. 

the Galaxy S3 is too big, and plasticky, and a Samsung. just not my thing.

the One X+ rumored to come to TMo is too big. otherwise, freakin perfect.

if only there were an htc vanilla Android 4.1.. a G2 update, perhaps.. I love my G2. I really really do. but it's time to move on.

edit 10/16/12: of course, now that I'm in "upgrade mode" I'm researching like crazy.. and there seems to be a difference in models of the One S-

Another way to identify it is to start the phone in HBOOT mode (Press and hold volume down, and then press and hold Power, releasing Power when the back/home soft keys flash).
The HBOOT screen should show VILLE or VILLEC2 at the top. VILLE is S4, VILLEC2 is S3.

so I'm gonna havta to go either Best Buy of the TMo kiosk, or the TMo store in NH, and actually test for the processor before I agree to take it home. that ruins my plan to get it cheaper over the phone with CS.

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