Tuesday, February 22, 2011

trying to figure this out

installing downloaded "programs"
Ubuntu Software Center reminds me of the repos on a jailbroken iDevice. you can install stuff, hooray. BUT when you download and extract, then what? the lack of setup.exe is throwin me.

modifying settings
-changing display brightness - keyboard buttons are wonky and don't work

I searched through the Ubuntu Software Center and finally found "Device Manager". what baffles me is through all the "noob" posts I've read through, learned users would say to open the Device Manager and the popular response was "I don't have Device manager, where is it?" not one person responded on where to go to download and install through Software Center. on the threads I read, anyway. I think that's just rude.

Nook Goodness- ongoing

2/22/11 @ 5:06pm -- working on CM7 port.

loving Gingerbread on a tablet.  still waiting for Honeycomb stability, though I know it will be a few weeks. I wanted to keep the B&N NC stock Eclair on the internal memory, but rooted. it is proven stable, and I wanted something to go back to if/when things went wonky.. and eventually they will. but I trust CM builds, I love CM builds, and so far so good. this is my first taste of Gingerbread, too. if experience goes well, the G2 will be getting a ROM upgrade soon.

one question I want a true answer to: WTF happened to all my internal memory? the NC is 8GB on it's own.. Settings is only showing 0.92GB total space and 881MB free. also says I can erase the SD card that isn't in it.
update: well duh.. the Nook's internal storage is /media, and untouched from the work I did from the threads above. perhaps I can mount /media through ADB or Ubuntu terminal and copy files over? won't ever show under an Android build, but it will be there.
update again: can use File Manager on the NC to see the contents of the /media/My Files/ but can't get the photos folder to show up in the Gallery app. I marked the folder "include in media scan" but ...
update 2/23/11: terminal app will not let me change permissions of the /media folder. says even sudo is denied. want my rooted stock back and run this from SD.I don't know if it even is a command, but I tried $ sudo mount /media and I was told "denied"... actually any sudo cmd I run on /media is denied. I tried to enter the bootlaoder/recovery to see if I could mount from there, as there were other folder that were mountable on a list, but I think I have to have the ext4 sd card in when I do that, or it will just boot normally, like it did.

8:59pm: xda app force closes every time I click to read a thread. I swear I saw an AndroidID in Settings, but now I can't find it. applying this fix shortly:
update: fix worked.

2/23/11 @ 6:26pm: finding a way to revert ext4 back to run rooted stock, and run CM7 from the SD. I'm searching for the thread on how to go back..
and there's this:  http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=11472094&postcount=3 but I've never "built from source" before, and I'm not sure if now is the time.. that seems like a 2-week-school-break project, seeing as I should be doing homework for the rest of the week.

2/24/11 @ 10:16am: here's an idea.. when you make the EXT4 sd card to boot from with CWR, you have a choice of what size sd card you're using. I used the 1GB image on a 2GB card, and I was left with about 1GB of "internal storage". if I use an 8GB card and the 8GB image, will I regain the NC's 8GB of internal storage?
7:32pm: verified that this is not the issue. then why the different sizes?

Monday, February 21, 2011

why my G2 must be a guy.

before some get all huffy puffy and "that's sexist!" first off, I don't care.. don't even try to tell me you haven't personified an electronic device (or whatever) before. and besides, it's true. there is a difference between boys and guys and men. and my G2.. well, he's a guy. as opposed to my Jeep, who is an outright GRRL, cuz once again there's a difference.. girls, ladies, GRRLs and women. since neither the Jeep or myself are ladies, and not old enough to want to be referred to as women, we are most certainly grrls.

Anyhoo... why my G2 must be a guy:
as our time together has gone on, I've noticed some changes in his behavior.
-memory loss
-lack of notifications
-significant battery drain
-answers call even though I decline them

more on this later..

thankfully, when you get stuck on the splash screen, pull the battery, put it back in and plug into the charger. auto boot into recovery and restore the last working backup. waiting for a stable release of CM7. jeezus that scared me.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

omg Ubuntu- adventures with installation and wireless

this one is gonna get edited a lot.. I'm planning on going through the madness as it happened, and how I came to the epiphany that Win7 was enforcing a "feature", and how stupid I was for not thinking of it well ahead of time. more than likely this is going to take some time to get organized for the way this should have been done, with the other commentary after.

What I Should Have Done:
I started here: http://lifehacker.com/#!5403100/dual+boot-windows-7-and-ubuntu-in-perfect-harmony 
which was perfect for everything I wanted to do- resize partitions, correct formats, etc. I followed the directions for fresh installs, went grocery shopping while Win7Pro did its thing, and installed Ubuntu from a live cd to the prepared partition.

filed needed:

I knew from previous experience that I needed the compat-wireless installed to get eth0 working. from what I've read, this fix works for both newer Broadcom and Atheros Ethernet adapters.

one thing I did notice: when you install and run the compat-wireless to get your eth0 going and you're finally online and Ubuntu updates, you have to run compat-wireless again upon reboot to get eth0 working again, especially if the kernel changed.

my laptop has the pesky Intel 6250 AGN WiMAX/WiFi adapter
I had the same issue as the OP, followed everything, still disabled. Is Windows being a jerk, I finally asked myself... and low and behold, the wireless adapter had certain power management features that allowed Win to power it off. I changed the setting to NOT do that, rebooted into Ubuntu, and wireless worked.

The Ridiculousness and Rambling:
right now I'm in Win7 transferring all my stuff back from the 1TB drive attached to the Mac mini. for some reason, the mini has to be connected through Ethernet for it to talk to the laptop and tower (both wireless), the laptop has to have its wireless adapter set to g only to get through the firewall on the router, and I'm hoping to GAWD the "wireless" Canon printer sets up easily tomorrow. last time, it made me cry.. I've been dropping files on the Mac and printing from there since, and not only should I not have to do this, I don't f'n want to.

when I first got this laptop, I wanted a triple-boot system- Win7Pro, Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, OS X. never got to the mac part of it... technically, my onboard graphics shouldn't be able to handle it, but fer f's sake, if someone got OS X going on an HP mini thingo, then I should be able to get somewhat decent results on my laptop.

the last time I tried the bootable partitions, Ubuntu pissed me off to no end with the difficulty of getting online. I searched, joined and posted in the Ubuntu forums, and I have found that in some instances, Linux people are douche-bags in the sense that they come across, to me, sometimes, that they think they are better than the rest of us cuz they know Linux, and they expect those of us who are asking beginner questions to not have our eyes cross when we try to comprehend the suggestions they respond with. the folks over at XDA, on the other hand, will actually take the time to help out a newbie; perhaps I was expecting too much from that particular forum site. BUT I can say with only 4 weeks of a Linux course, I am understanding, and modifying on my own, more than I ever was before. super awesome. (seriously, the more I get into it, the more I want to stay in it)

I should have started at installing compat-wireless, going through the updates, and grinding my teeth from there, but I gave it the chance that perhaps, just perhaps, on this method of install, it would do it on it's own. and it did not, and I still didn't do what I knew I should have. I like to make my life difficult sometimes, apparently.
forward through the hours of google searches and reading forum posts.. it's really all so ridiculous what I did and the amount of time I spent doing it.. and I couldn't even tell you at this point wtf it was, other than changing shit on the Win7 side, that actually made the wireless card work. I'm using my notes and textbook and the wireless existed, it was simply disabled. this was the *same* issue I had before, I couldn't find an answer, no linux drivers for the card yet, blah blah ppffttt... but there are drivers now, and they were installed, and I ran through all the instructions and commands and omg..
so then I thought, "if Windows was cock-blocking internet access only through wireless, how would it be doing it?" I'm not always that smart... or it can take me a while to get there. power management on the adapter lets Windows shut it off. when Windows isn't running, of course it's there and unable to be used, aka disabled.

I knew what I should have done, I could have saved myself a lot of time.. but I had fun doing it, I learned some schtuff, I put to practical use what I have learned in class. I think this is another instance where procrastination is my friend.

now that I'm through this, I'm working on my official-ongoing-Nook-Color-awesomeness post. short version for now:  stock rooted, Clockwork Mod Recovery, google-syncing doesn't quite work, but Market is decent. HoneyComb from SD is AWESOME but buggy- want stable so bad, it seriously rocks. hated nookie froyo without CM. on the lookout for CM7. rooted stock is what I want, HC on SD is what I want. access to internal storage and SD is what I want. so far, I get it without HC on SD, and that's ok. this thing is sweet. glad I got it for soo many reasons.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

me, the gadget geek

I get enamored over my devices. and before I make a purchase, I research until I'm blue in the face.

I loved my BlackBerries, and I'm actually thinking of getting one again- I really liked making themes, people liked them, and I need something to test apps on when I start getting more into it. probably pick up something with BB OS 6 second-hand off contract to have around when I need it- would be great if I could find a cheap 9800, but I doubt it.

though I wasn't as impressed with the iPhone 3G as others are, it was fun to play with, easy to use and I can understand why people love them. when Andy switched to the Vibrant and Rylie switched to the Optimus T in December, Eric bought Andy's iPhone and Taryn replaced her Gravity with Rylie's. Everyone is happy, and I still have an iPhone in house to mess with when I get the urge. I've also gotten quite good at jailbreaking and unlocking- so easy to do with the Mac mini.

until last year, I've always had Windows machines. after I screwed up my $4k+ Gateway laptop cuz I'm dumb sometimes, I went to Sam's and picked up an HP XP Media Center tower. Didn't quite care for MC, or the fact that it was an HP, but it did the job, most of the time. something happened and I wasn't even able to get in, or retrieve from an outside source, to back up my files before having to wipe and reload, and I lost ALL of Taryn's baby pictures.piss.me.off.

I needed to be portable sometimes, so I also grabbed the cutest little Dell x300 with dock that ran XP Pro for $300 or so. that little laptop gave me some good use for just shy of 3 years. I had decided to switch to Macs last January and picked out a low-end mini and low-end MacBook Pro. my sister needed a laptop for school, so I did a wipe and reinstall of XP on the little laptop with the intention of giving it to her. somehow in doing this, the network adapters, both wired and wireless, totally shit out. luckily, I had bought a SquareTrade warranty, I filed a claim, sent it to them, they sent me back what I had originally paid. frikin sweet! but Dana didn't get a free laptop and had to get one on her own.

how did I f-up my very expensive Gateway laptop, you ask? I had been thinking of upgrading the RAM and possibly the processor. It was one of the first P4's with HyperThreading, but not the M version- it ran HOT and got to the point of shutting itself down. one of those laptops you don't put on your lap, not only because of the heat, but it was also heavy as hell. but I loved her dearly. I did research on what to replace with what and how to do it... and then I felt I had enough knowledge to open her up and see first-hand what I needed to do. taking apart was easy, putting back together is where I went wrong. don't freakin ask me how (I know how I did it, and it's SO stupid of me that I care not say it aloud), but I bent the processor pins, didn't snap it in all the way and then of course, no booting. I cried, and cried. I have replaced processors and put together systems from scratch, but those were towers. it wasn't figured out until much later, when finally replacing the CPU, that all I had to do was snap it in. even with pins bent back into place, the old CPU still fired up, once properly seated. poor thing sat in a case for well over a year before I decided to attempt to fix it and sell it off. only got $700 for her, but by then, that P4 wasn't too snazzy and thinner and lighter varieties were emerging, so that was a fair price, I suppose.

so the HP sat in a corner of the dining room after the mini arrived- used it now and again to get files from or do something on Windows that I couldn't do on a Mac. Taryn and Andy love the Mac. I love the Mac too, but not as much as they do... like the iPhone, I feel it's a little dumbed-down, too easy to use. I enjoyed the MBP while I had it- went on our road trip, used it for work, and a second computer is necessary in our house. Taryn knows how to log into her account, play her games, open her iPhoto and PhotoBooth and the text editor and painting programs, and how to close them all out, quit them from the taskbar and log herself out. not bad for a 5-year-old! she loves her iPhone and shows me stuff she figures out. it's very cute and very cool.

I lost my job on a Wednesday, and the MBP was sold by that Friday. when I started school, whenever I would get on the mini to do homework, if Mumma is doing homework on the computer, then Taryn wants to do her homework on the computer.. as soon as my school refund arrived, I was buying a laptop again. I spent over a month researching- I wanted one of the Toshiba netbooks at first- cheap, easy to transport, would certainly fulfill its purpose, I liked the trackpad and keyboard, I like Toshiba. but then the new Toshibas were announced, and I started thinking of long-term functionality, I wanted to have a triple boot system for the fuck of it, and though I'm happy with what I ended up with, now that I'm lugging it around at school, I'm wishing I had gone with a netbook. wth do I need an i5 for? once I raised my budget, I was set on a Toshiba that I would have to have shipped. but I hastily walked into Best Buy, picked up an Asus and exchanged it for a Dell 15inch. I loved the Dell, but it was too big for my school bag, so I returned that one.. and as I was wandering around the laptop section, I saw a 14in Dell just put out on display, hand-written product tag and all, and said "I'll take it." the only thing it's missing from my ultimate wishlist is a bluray player. but all the blurays we buy, we get the digital copy if available, so no.big.deal. the video card probably won't support OS X, and my network cards are having issue with Ubuntu, so that part of my wishlist was also forgone. VirtualBox works well enough for now- I'll give the bootable partitions another go at some point.

the MyTouch 3G was my first Android phone. I also had the BB 8900 at the time (my fav BB so far) and trying to use an on-screen keyboard proved frustrating. I did root it and loved almost everything about it, and discovered some of my still favorite websites. AndroidCentral and XDA is where I spend the majority of my time online, aside from facebook of course.

and this is what happens when I get going.. I ramble. and I'm supposed to be doing homework. this will be continued...