Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nook Goodness- ongoing

2/22/11 @ 5:06pm -- working on CM7 port.

loving Gingerbread on a tablet.  still waiting for Honeycomb stability, though I know it will be a few weeks. I wanted to keep the B&N NC stock Eclair on the internal memory, but rooted. it is proven stable, and I wanted something to go back to if/when things went wonky.. and eventually they will. but I trust CM builds, I love CM builds, and so far so good. this is my first taste of Gingerbread, too. if experience goes well, the G2 will be getting a ROM upgrade soon.

one question I want a true answer to: WTF happened to all my internal memory? the NC is 8GB on it's own.. Settings is only showing 0.92GB total space and 881MB free. also says I can erase the SD card that isn't in it.
update: well duh.. the Nook's internal storage is /media, and untouched from the work I did from the threads above. perhaps I can mount /media through ADB or Ubuntu terminal and copy files over? won't ever show under an Android build, but it will be there.
update again: can use File Manager on the NC to see the contents of the /media/My Files/ but can't get the photos folder to show up in the Gallery app. I marked the folder "include in media scan" but ...
update 2/23/11: terminal app will not let me change permissions of the /media folder. says even sudo is denied. want my rooted stock back and run this from SD.I don't know if it even is a command, but I tried $ sudo mount /media and I was told "denied"... actually any sudo cmd I run on /media is denied. I tried to enter the bootlaoder/recovery to see if I could mount from there, as there were other folder that were mountable on a list, but I think I have to have the ext4 sd card in when I do that, or it will just boot normally, like it did.

8:59pm: xda app force closes every time I click to read a thread. I swear I saw an AndroidID in Settings, but now I can't find it. applying this fix shortly:
update: fix worked.

2/23/11 @ 6:26pm: finding a way to revert ext4 back to run rooted stock, and run CM7 from the SD. I'm searching for the thread on how to go back..
and there's this:  http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=11472094&postcount=3 but I've never "built from source" before, and I'm not sure if now is the time.. that seems like a 2-week-school-break project, seeing as I should be doing homework for the rest of the week.

2/24/11 @ 10:16am: here's an idea.. when you make the EXT4 sd card to boot from with CWR, you have a choice of what size sd card you're using. I used the 1GB image on a 2GB card, and I was left with about 1GB of "internal storage". if I use an 8GB card and the 8GB image, will I regain the NC's 8GB of internal storage?
7:32pm: verified that this is not the issue. then why the different sizes?

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