Monday, February 21, 2011

why my G2 must be a guy.

before some get all huffy puffy and "that's sexist!" first off, I don't care.. don't even try to tell me you haven't personified an electronic device (or whatever) before. and besides, it's true. there is a difference between boys and guys and men. and my G2.. well, he's a guy. as opposed to my Jeep, who is an outright GRRL, cuz once again there's a difference.. girls, ladies, GRRLs and women. since neither the Jeep or myself are ladies, and not old enough to want to be referred to as women, we are most certainly grrls.

Anyhoo... why my G2 must be a guy:
as our time together has gone on, I've noticed some changes in his behavior.
-memory loss
-lack of notifications
-significant battery drain
-answers call even though I decline them

more on this later..

thankfully, when you get stuck on the splash screen, pull the battery, put it back in and plug into the charger. auto boot into recovery and restore the last working backup. waiting for a stable release of CM7. jeezus that scared me.

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