Wednesday, August 15, 2012

restore rooted G2 to factory
removes root, restores S-ON and the factory shipped ROM. if you're like me and used a few CM ROMs over the past two years, you will need to get into the HEX editor.

make sure you have ADB working!!
I found "Method B" to be the quickest and easiest way to use ADB- just download from Step 2, move the entire extracted folder to C:\ and rename it ADB for easy access within the command prompt.

the link to the IMG file you need (in first link above) is no longer working- the correct file can be found at:
just rename to before you move it to your SD card.

takes a bit of work and time.. but I am now back to factory and can send this G2 back to TMo (my keyboard went wonky and they sent me a replacement). I think I'm upgrading to the HTC One S very soon.
      I am tempted by the Galaxy Note.. but.. I don't trust Samsung.. love me some HTC.

now to root and load CM onto the new one! maybe.. there really isn't a point if I'm just passing along to Rylie when I upgrade.

edit: nope.. need root and CM. stock pisses me off. and hot damn.. I never did a write-up on how to do root. project for another day...

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