Sunday, July 22, 2012

long overdue- upgrade to CM 7.2.0

- on SD card, move everything from Titanium BackUp folder to folder "OldTBU" - empty TBU folder

- Run Titanium BackUp for all apps and data separately

- export global Agenda settings

- from ROM Manager, download CM 7.2.0 with Google Apps- wth.. froze at 72% after over an hour of downloading.. forced stop, reboot, restart download... went *much* faster!

- using ROM Manager, back-up ROM, wipe data and cache, wipe Dalvik cache

- sit and wait

- 4 corner skip, add home wi-fi, Market, sign in, download Titanium BackUp, allow "Unknown Apps", restore 83 apps (duh- don't hit cancel on one app and expect it to keep going.. reboot and start TBU restore again)

- all apps restored, some uninstalled.. settings set back up, sync'd, wallpaper loaded, Agenda widget loaded..

we have CM 7.2.0 - lovin it

edit: it's a keeper! I love how when I lock the screen, it turns off like an old tv.

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