Sunday, July 24, 2011

HP fixed.

so I ran the Live CD and retrieved my files.. found an old, old XP Pro (no service pack) disk and key and through that re-partitioned and formatted the drive, and installed, ran all updates and installed imperative software.

I had remade the Live USB with 10.04LTS (wasn't really diggin 11.x), and installed that.. having issues with accessing all of my hard drive space.

gotta love Chrome sync. I heart Google products and services.

I think I know what I did wrong- using the XP install disc, I made three partitions- one for XP, one for Ubuntu and the rest of the drive for shared stuff (movies, music, pics, etc). I couldn't figure out how to fix in in gparted.. so I guess I'll start over.

before I do that though, I'm going to break her down and do a thorough cleaning. the RW drive needs replacing, and all USB ports on back are 1.1, so perhaps get a PCI card as well.

edit: and even better, as a student of tech stuff, Microsoft loves me give me software to use for school. since the desktop is for school.. burned a Win7Pro 32-bit ISO and running now as a fresh install, with all partitions removed.

I don't need to get an actual Chromebook- I can just install Chrome OS Linux on a netbook.

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