Friday, July 1, 2011

Logitech v250 mouse and number pad

need drivers that don't lock up IRQ #16 after a while.

I'm stationed at the desk, I have arthritis.. using the touchpad on the laptop hurts after a while, and I remembered I had a wireless mouse stashed away. I plugged it in while I was in Win7, the drivers downloaded and the mouse worked great. without removing the dongle, I rebooted into Ubuntu. worked right away, even at the initial log-in screen.

I use TouchFreeze to disable the trackpad.. which only works for a little while, btw. the first time all this happened, I thought the problem was that I had the trackpad disabled and the mouse couldn't connect while in sleep mode- being an external device, of course it couldn't wake the laptop.

so I stopped using TouchFreeze- the mouse seems to work very well, until the screen saver comes on.. and if it gets to the point of screen blackness, I have to hard reboot, as the screen will not come back by either the trackpad or the mouse. same issue when I close the screen.. any sleep causes issues.

tried reconnecting the mouse, turned it off and on again.. no go.

the one and only time the screen did come back, disable IRQ #16 or something as an error, I was offered options for rebooting regarding X, and was rebooted into a command prompt. sudo reboot brought me back to normal.

I check the batteries in the mouse. from 2005. replaced, though the mouse worked fine, other than this issue. all Logitech drivers are for Windows.

this next test will involve changing the sleep settings.
      System- Preferences- Screen Saver- Power Management

a thread in Ubuntu Forums states that the numberpad will not work, as it acts as if the number lock is off, and since the laptop nor the numberpad have a number lock key...

I don't want to have to buy a new mouse and numberpad.. but I will if it really gets to that.

edit: closed the laptop while I dropped the girls off.. no issues!

edit: power went out a few times early this morning. thankfully the laptop was shut down for the night. power outages alway cause issues with the modem and router.. I couldn't snag a full wireless internet connection, and found it was the mouse causing the issue.
      if I want to use the mouse *and* have internet upon restart, I have to unplug the mouse, turn it off, restart, let the internet connect for a bit and then plug in the USB dongle, turn on the mouse and hit the connect buttons.
      might go out looking for a bluetooth mouse if this turns into a massive pain.

edit: reading some more, some people have changed the channel of their wireless router. the two sets of wireless HIDs are now working better, and the internet is faster.

now to figure out the fucking LAG in Ubuntu while typing on the laptop keyboard.

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