Friday, July 22, 2011

netbook dreams

Acer Aspire One AO722-BZ454 11.6-Inch HD Netbook
the size of a spiral bound notebook.. 2 lbs lighter than my laptop.. almost full size keyboard, less annoying screen size, and Win7HP preinstalled w/2GB. makes sense.

and as to why I'm getting a new one- can't find an older model or used/refurb for much less than a new, better model.

I loved my little Dell 300x.. or x300.. whatever it was.. I loved it.

I've been wanting a netbook for a while. and though I have a *very* decent 14" laptop, it is too big, heavy and hot to lug around, take to the dog park, use on the couch or in bed without a lap desk thingy.. toting this thing around on campus is a wicked pain in the ass. I'm pretty much stuck at the desk with it, and that's not where I feel like being stuck. I want to be UN-stuck, as a matter of fact.

almost everything I do is online or on a thumb drive.

after I get done with this week's homework, I'm gonna begin working on the HP. start her up and make sure I have all my files.. complete tear down, clean and back together.. and then follow my previously posted handy guide to a dual-boot set up.

if I'm going to have a desk set-up, I might as well be using the desktop. if I need to be ultra-portable, I might as well sell the laptop and get a netbook and any minor upgrades the HP needs. (and gain some desk space!)
      I love, love, love my laptop. don't get me wrong.. I would much rather turn the HP into a file server or give it away or whatever and keep the laptop *and* get a netbook and of course still have the mini.. but I can't justify a laptop and a netbook...

I bought this thing for $899 only a year ago- they are now a mere $579.. frik!

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