Monday, May 2, 2011


ongoing personal adjustments and issues have prevented (for lack of a better word) my geek from coming out to play.

I have faith that she will return.. and soon.

I use Ubuntu over Win7- hardly ever reboot into Win7, unless I need a program or familiarity. in Linux, we've been working on setting up a file server... to do this and not screw up my system (or sift through fake users to log in), I'm running Ubuntu by VirtualBox within Ubuntu.

have a project due tomorrow on rooting and bootloaders.

four more days of classes, and the semester is over! Spring 2011 semester was a weird one for me, and certainly not my best work.

as excited as I was to get the Nook, I have found that a tablet really doesn't fit into my life all that much, and I want/need/can use a netbook more. haven't even turned the darn thing on in over a month. over break, I'll do all the updates and see if I can get my thumb keyboard to work, and test Google Docs again- if I'm satisfied, that might change my mind for a little while... if not, I'm selling it on XDA or craigslist.

I've had it with the HP in Rylie's room. it is not allowed to be connected to the internet anymore- Time Warner shuts us down due to spam-sending or viruses.. or it could have been the PS3 a few days ago.. anyhoo.. I'll make sure all our stuff is backed up and I'm wiping her out and loading Ubuntu. I wish I had a bigger work area.

Nook is back to stock and updated, all cleaned up and my Hardware instructor is sending me a check for it- I'm getting a netbook soon, the ASUS Eee 1015PEM-MU17

I'm not getting a netbook quite yet. too many things up in the air money-wise. maybe in a few months.

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