Tuesday, May 24, 2011

oh, HP...

Rylie's birthday laptop has been ordered.. both of her towers have shit out- I had bought her a custom tower second, or third, hand a few years ago that has been at her dad's. the HP Piece of Shite was moved to her room when the Mac mini arrived, and as I've mentioned, is not allowed on the internet anymore. she has the Mac laptop from school, but her drawing tablet won't work with it (she's not allowed to install anything) and she can't use the wireless printer either, and she won't have it over summer vacation... she's been asking for a Win7 laptop for a while, and Jamey and I finally gave in and ordered one from Dell.

I do wish I had a bigger work area.. I'd wipe out the HP, install Ubuntu and make a file server for movies, music, etc.. thinking about donating it to my school instead. will be a summer project.

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