Thursday, May 19, 2011

G2 gets an update, finally.

I'm still on a version of CM6, with ClockworkMod reminding me that there's an update to CM 7.03 almost daily..

last time I tried this, he locked up and I had to restore the CM6 back-up from Recovery- thank gawd recovery starts when connected to power. almost thought I had a paperweight after a battery pull. (I just noticed in new Recovery, there's a Power Off option. hooray!)

- reboot into Recovery from ROM manager, wipe cache
- long time to reboot, ROM Manager -> back-up current ROM
- make a Titanium back-up of all user  apps (not data)
- export Agenda Widget settings
- return phone calls, reply to texts
- ROM Manager -> update ROM -> download ROM + Google apps
- OK to wipe Data and Cache + Dalvik Cache, OK to reboot, let CW do its thing
- long time to reboot, htc Vision set-up screen, 4 corner skip
- need to edit build.prop with better lcd density setting
- go to Market, sign in, install gapps, wait a few minutes to sync accounts, reboot
- gapps finish download and install, force quit stuck Market, install Titanium, install apps from back-up, reboot
- update apps from Market, config screens, change wallpaper

we have CM7

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