Sunday, April 3, 2011

ATT and TMo merger from an Android user's perspective-- ongoing

no sir, I don't like it.

first and foremost, ATT blows as far as customer service is concerned. horrible, terrible, absolute worst in regards to the treatment of their customers.. you know, the people that pay them every month for services provided.. (but that seems to be a trend in the great ol' USA)

secondly, ATT would then become the only nationwide GSM cellular carrier for the US. That alone should disallow this travesty from taking place- there's been long-standing knowledge of "no monopolies allowed!" but following along with comments made in the above paragraph, those who have money can buy pretty much whatever they want, regardless of rules or whatever.. latest rumors involve both Tmo and ATT greasing up persons involved in the ultimate decision-making process.

it sucks to learn that the bestest in CS cell carrier in the US isn't doing so well. it almost hurts my feelings that Mommy and Daddy in Germany aren't pleased. TMo started the Android movement by having the G1 on their roster. from last I checked, they carry more Android phones than anything else. ATT loves their iPhone too much, and BB, but I won't diss the BBs, to give much real attention to Android devices, and they lock out certain features that us Android users appreciate.

{insert "understandable" points here. devil's advocate may come out to play}

I don't want to look at my G2 one day and be disappointed cuz I can't tether the Nook anymore. I like the ability to sideload apps, especially on a custom ROM'd device. I enjoy being able to unlock the bootloader and gain perm root access and use different ROMs and made my device truly mine and use it as I wish (within reason.. you know what I mean). There's already issue with manufacturers "blocking" us out, and more can happen (and does) at the request of carriers. Did I mention ATT isn't very nice to their customers?

if I didn't prefer GSM devices so much, going to Sprint or Verizon wouldn't be that bad (other than our previous experience with Sprint- the bill was *never* right). I went to Ireland with my Moto i560 and had no instant communication with my kids. If one of us got separated, woulda been screwed kinda. I want to be able to use my cell phone or wifi almost anywhere I go.. and yes, we plan to travel abroad again. unless I pay exorbitantly for a "global" device with Sprint or Verizon, I'm not gonna have that. if I pay for something, I want it to be be what I expect. with TMo, they're nice about it, treat me well and fix it as soon as possible. and they have rockin Android phones. we get good voice service where we live and we utilize the $10 data cuz we use wifi most of the time.

more on this later...

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