Thursday, July 3, 2014

Nexus 5

simple and gorgeous.

first gripe: icons far too large, installed Nova Launcher with the Google Now bar
second: no Bubbles live wallpaper
third: had to install Message Classic

aside from the wallpaper, all set up and functioning just like I was on the N4.

love the Spigen Neo Hybrid case- metal slate, of course. looks frikin classy.

getting myself organized and called TMo for my old SIM to be added to Taryn's line. hoping to surprise her tomorrow morning with a fully, but tastefully, bumpered Nexus 4.

the Ionic GUARDIAN Armor Case will be awesome for her. easy to press the buttons, adds good grip and looks like more than adequate protection.

our accounts are still syncing and downloading and installing and whatnot. I'll be sneaking her phone away while she sleeps to load her pictures and music, then put the new one in its place.
      my 9 year old has a Nexus 4.

edit 7/4/14: and of course, I can't wait for surprises- gave it to her last night. moved all her pics and music this morning. still waiting for the SIM to be active, but she's loving it, and picking up the new OS and features mighty quick!

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