Monday, July 7, 2014

more thoughts on Powerline networking

I've done more research and read more reviews.. it is happening, but the brand and model is still under configuration.

we're planning on getting the wireless router from TWC- only to keep the mess down. I can turn off the wireless function in my current router and use it as 4 solid ports in the basement for my computer, the PS4, etc. but then the computer won't be able to talk to any of the other media outlets on the network.

will need 3 kits- Powerline base off the router in the livingroom, adapter in the basement, in both the girls' rooms, in the master bedroom..

I want to do this right and have everything working together as we're used to: I'll just have to splurge on a 4-port switch adapter. glad all HomePlug AV compliant work together!

the house is wired to one box in the basement- reading about adapters being on the same circuit to work best.. what exactly does this mean?

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