Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wii Homebrew

the Wii mainly stays in Taryn's room. her DVD player is shitting out.

I used LetterBomb to install HomeBrew.

I open the HomeBrew Channel, and nothing is there- oh, hey, you need to load stuff on an SD card. ok then.

I almost threw my computer in the dumpster yesterday. the HP is once again a POS incapable of doing what I want it to do. for fuck's sake. seriously. but to it's credit, the netbook running Ubuntu was almost as frustrating.. it just wasn't as painfully slow about it. and I didn't have to restart it several times before it acted normally.
      it's them damn boot.(whatever) files. try to copy them over to the SD and everything freezes. tried renaming it first, transfer went well, but as soon as I renamed it boot.(whatever) the system starts acting all wacky.
      going to try the rename using the netbook. I just want her to be able to watch DVDs through the Wii.

anyway, I finally get the HomeBrew Browser installed. I wait until the WiFi icon in the lower right corner goes solid, and I load the Browser to look for WiiMC and it's Channel Installer (I had given up on getting on them on the SD card). Unable to Initialise .. for 5 fucking minutes I waited.. had to shut the Wii down by holding the power button.
      when I restarted, I did a Network test.. new router so I checked from the netbook to make sure the Wii was on the client list- and there it was, connected. so I try again.. and same G D thing.

so I don't fuckin know.. I gave up yesterday.. there were other things to do. will try one more time to get WiiMC and it's Channel Installer on the SD card.

managed to rename in Ubuntu and actually get it onto the SD card in Windows. but of course, when I go to test in the Wii, the batteries in the wireless sensor bar were out. so now they are charging. and I'm going to bring up the wired sensor bar.

WiiMC and it's Channel are installed. newer DVDs, like Pirates of the Caribbean 3, great. semi-dated, like Mulan II, played ok- the ratio was off. old ones, like from my Indiana Jones box set, do not want to play. code dumps and whatnot.

at least it works!

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