Monday, October 17, 2011

CM7.1.0 upgrade

-Titanium Backup for all apps

-screenshots of each panel

-export global Agenda settings

-using ROM manager, download CM7.1.0, yes on Google Apps, no on GTalk video chat
      (I don't have a FFC- no point)

-Backup Existing ROM, Wipe Data and Cache, Wipe Dalvik Cache

-sit and wait

-GD it! this means I have to start all over again with Jewels.

-restart, 4-corner skip

-add home WiFi, go to Market, sign into Google, download Titanium, restore all apps

-fix screen panels and background image

we have CM7.1.0


edit: went back to 7.0.3. for some reason, my calendar wouldn't load and all text messages were from May.

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