Saturday, October 15, 2011

Asus - Essentio Desktop

the HP cannot be upgraded.. new processors are less expensive than tracking down a faster Socket 939.

the only reason I need a new computer is cuz the HP is old and can't run Virtual Box and sucks at running Visual Studio- for just normal docs and stuff and web surfing, it's still a champ. the HP will still be in use- I'm thinking of replacing Taryn's TV with an LCD- have all her DVDs and digital versions accessible over the network. she is smart enough to know how to use it. unless I can get the Wii picking up media from a Windows network like the PS3 does... hmm..
      check this shit out- Orb Media Player. ok then.. the HP is getting gutted or sold. or donated to my school.

granted, I need to have money to do all this.. if that job actually happens, this will be happening. and no matter what, in the next few weeks, I'm getting down on some serious cable management. I see it out of the corner of my eye all damn day and it's driving me nutz.

this is what I'm looking at as a replacement:
Asus - Essentio Desktop / AMD Athlon™ II X2 Processor / 4GB Memory / 1TB Hard Drive - CM1730-03
(only 1MB of L2 cache- but it's superbly upgrade friendly)

I have my eye on this one too.. though it's above my budget... but I'm sure I can justify it. I wouldn't need to upgrade it at all.. for a long while at least.
Asus - Essentio Desktop / AMD A-Series Processor / 8GB Memory / 1TB Hard Drive

there will probably be better ones by the time I'm actually out picking one, but I don't want to spend more than $500 total. multi-TB externals will be inexpensive to get as needed in the future, in 3.0 even- ooh, another justification..
      the 1TB attached to the Mac mini will remain where it is for music storage, as Andy continues to build his collection and is comfortable with iTunes. that reminds me- I need to find him an iPod Classic 160GB for not a lot.

here is my plan of action:
-make a back-up DVD of the OS, make restore image

-using my handy-dandy Ubuntu SD card, reformat the 1TB drive and the HP's 200GB drive (or I can snag a 160GB for about $40)

-install the smaller drive as primary, set 1TB drive as slave

-install Windows 7 and then Ubuntu as dual-boot

-use Ubuntu K9copy or one of the many other programs to copy all of our DVDs into a digital format comprehended in Windows, iPhone and Android. if I own it, I have every right to copy it for our own personal use.

-can't be wireless anymore, so another Ethernet cable running over this way (still working on the Mac connecting to the Windows machines using wireless via the router, but it just doesn't want to)

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