Monday, August 1, 2011

how to fall back in love with the G2

..take the screen protector and shell cover off.

feel that rubbery coating.. admire the brushed and engraved battery door.. let the snap of the natural, uninhibited movement of the z-hinge make you giggle.. just like it did when you first opened the box.

someone on craigslist is looking for a G2, and I started up the conversation. I thought about it.. asked TMo for the SIM unlock code.. called Best buy to make sure I could walk out with the MyTouch 4G Slide for the same price as upgrading online..

and in cleaning him up, I realized how handsome and well-built he is.. and how plasticky the MT4GS probably is.. sure, it would be an even exchange, money wise.. but even with the FF camera and better camera.. I hate Sense.. might be a downgrade in reality. and I don't need another distraction..

I just needed to take the case off. get him all nekked.

but we have some issues to overcome. notifications are not what they should be. sometimes homescreen folders won't open. I've stayed out of the forums- probably time to revisit.

uh-oh.. I went into Best Buy killing some time today.. and the MT4GS is not a piece of plasticky junk. then I played with the new Sense on an HTC Flyer.. I'll be getting back into the forums.. but perhaps not for the G2.

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