Saturday, August 27, 2011


there is a reason I refused to spend more than $200 on a netbook.

cuz it just sits here.. if I need it, or want it, it is there.. if someone else needs/wants it, it is here..

but it hardly gets used. and I'm not too worried about it.


  1. Totally! I bought an $800 laptop some years ago and it broke a year and a half later, and I didn't have the money to fix it at the time since it was my second machine. So it sat there not working and it didn't cost me much functionality.

    Now, though, I'm in grad school and this semester includes Research Design and Statistics, a required course for my PsyD program. The netbook is gonna rock for that application, especially in concert with Dropbox, which lets me keep my year's worth of PDFs and DOCs and TXTs (Emacs!) and so on in a shared folder.

    Do you have a good method of syncing folders between and among machines?

  2. Chrome, Google Docs and Windows Live..

    amazon mp3

    I love cloud services. wherever I am.. there it is.. (double save to sd card.. just in case)

  3. I have a mac mini, a Win7 desktop and Ubuntu netbook.

    cloud services are my friend, seriously..