Monday, September 5, 2011

netbook plus 42in LCD HDTV

awesome.. between Ubuntu making things easy and the tv having a PC VGA and sound connection, we were easily able to hook up the netbook to the tv yesterday and watch an episode of Breaking Bad on that we had missed during Irene.

a project I want to work on.. I have a 1TB Iomega drive attached to the Mac mini- it even looks like the mini, it's cute.. but.. the PS3 can't access it, so none of our content is view-able on the 42inch, and it's shoddy as far as the Mac connecting to the PC's (or if I'm not logged into the Mac on my account, the PC's have a hard time connecting to the Mac), so it's a crapshoot if anything can talk to each other.

we only have a Mac because that is what the girls use in school, and Taryn has gotten quite great at using it on her own. personally, I frikin LOATHE iTunes. Andy likes the Mac I guess, and I like it for some stuff, but not much.

so.. I want to get a new router and attach the Iomega as NAS. the other option would be to attach to the HP, but.. then the Mac, where the good speakers are for downstairs, might not connect to all the songs for iTunes, which again, sucks out loud as far as I'm concerned.

I need at least two of these: Belkin 11-Outlet Conceal Surge Protector to clean up around the TV and desks. probably grab one of the 7-outlet version too. need to get this stuff neat and tidy- bugs the crap outta me as is.

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