Wednesday, September 11, 2013

waving farewell to another POS

the mini.. she pissed me off for the last time.

I spent TWO DAYS backing all the files up between Amazon MP3 cloud and an SD card.

the internal DVD shit out a while back.. it won't let the external reload the OS to wipe.

all SD contents onto the PC.. PC moved downstairs.. plugged the 1TB external drive to the PC, formatted proper and loading all our music from Amazon. set up user accounts for Andy and the girls. setting permissions and learning lessons on setting permissions...

happy to see I have HDMI out for XBMC to the 42in LCD in the livingroom adjacent. no more small square screen from the netbook VGA out!
      also, DVI- get the right cable and I'll have dual monitors on this desk. will come in handy for when I get back to coding.

Rylie has a PC laptop. Andy has a PC laptop. I have a half-breed netbook.. the PS3.. they all like Windows for Media sharing. hooray for this.

mini is in the "electronical bin" in my closet. one day I might feel like fixing the drive and getting rid of it.. or fixing the drive, wiping it out and turn into an Ubuntu box.

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