Thursday, June 6, 2013

dual-boot the netbook

I did this before on the Dell laptop, and I'm sure I won't have as many issues with the Gateway- everything is simple and pretty standard.

I had upgraded to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and I *hate* it. especially on a netbook screen. couldn't find anything, or my way around.. lagged, YouTube won't play.. pissed me off.

I've recently fallen in love with XBMC on my machine upstairs, and want to use the netbook on the big tv downstairs to view. tried the XBMC-Ubuntu version, but can't get it on an SD card to run "live," even on Windows within Virtual Box. stupid.

I wanted to go back to 10.04 LTS anyhow.. so I'm searching through this blog for my write-up and instructions. as I go searching for the physical Live CD, I also find my MSDNAA copy of Win7 Pro 32-bit.

aaahh.. dual-boot dreams.. use Windows 7  for XBMC and Ubuntu 10.04 LTS for everything else.

grabbed the USB CD-ROM drive off the POS Mac mini (internal shat out a while back- this thing is infuriating these days) and booted to the Live CD, gparted, set up partitions, shut down, boot to Windows disc and installing now.

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