Saturday, December 3, 2016

what can Google Home do?

I know there are other lists out there, but this one is mine, the commands that matter to us. will be ongoing..

-change volume to 50% on Whole House
-add to Shopping List
-where's the nearest ..
-what time is so-n-so open?
-how long will it take to get to ..

things we know she can do:

-interrupt a music stream to ask her what song it is, to add to shopping list, or a question and then right back into the stream
-recognize voices when playing trivia

what she says she's not able to do/help with yet:

-when a song is playing on one unit, "Hey Google play this on Whole House."
-sending a song to another unit, "Hey Google play this song on Bedroom."
-queuing the next song or album, "OK Google, que The Mollusk album by Ween," or "Hey Google, play the album Tidal next."

what I want her to do:

-add to the Shopping List on the main account from any unit "hey Google, add milk to Kitchen Shopping List."

-remember wtf she was doing before she stopped- if the pause is too long between commands or a song/album end, Groups drop and the whole conversation needs to be started again and worded correctly

-stop announcing the default music source "playing blah blah blah on Google Play Music" just play please..

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